Electric Openers Thats Fit To Commercial Torsion Spring System 

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Electric Motor For Rolling Steel Gate

Add Electric Motor To an Existing Rolling Gate:

Before adding electric motor to existing gate we have to make sure that the gate is working properly with the spring system. In a case that the spring is broke or mess tension we will either need to replace springs or add tension to ex springs. After we check to see if the gate open smooth in manually position at that time we can suggests adding a new electric open That will fit you need best.

Choosing The Right Motor: 

When choosing an electric motor we will need to know specifics details:

  • What kind of safety devised your facility required?
  • How often you will use this rolling gate per day ?
  1. Safety eye sensor
  2. Safety edge
  • Which way would you like to operate the gate?
  1. Key switch
  2. Wireless code pad
  3. Remotes controls
  4. Push button

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